Mergers & Acquisitions

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When Two Brands Combine, One Brand Vision Needs to Emerge

Mergers are disruptive for both brands involved and the people who represent them. There will be a lot of questions and uncertainty. We sell the new brand vision to your frontline teams so they believe in the new identity and can explain the value to your customers.

Common Merger Challenges

“Customers are confused on what the merger means for them.”
“We’re struggling to get employees from both companies to see how the merger helps them.”
“We are not talking about the new advantages we can offer as a unified company.”
“Our teams only sell products from their legacy brand and won’t adopt the new offering.”

Merger & Acquisition Services

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Internal Market Research

  • Custom Brand Transfer Score™ (BTS) on brands
  • Focus Groups and Frontline Observations
  • Leadership alignment workshops
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Messaging Strategy

  • Insights on internal perceptions for both brands (change management analysis)
  • Comparison of brands’ before/after state
  • Custom Messaging Roadmap and audience segmentation
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Campaign Development

  • Develop campaign creative elements (themes/branding, graphics, messaging)
  • Build content and tactic strategy (materials, incentives, events, etc.)
  • Produce all campaign collateral (physical and digital)
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Internal Brand Activation

  • Campaign execution (materials distribution, logistics, frontline feedback)
  • Event Planning and execution (internal road shows, town halls, etc)
  • Brand training and change management support

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