Campaigns & Promotions

Successful External Campaigns Start with Strong Internal Marketing Alignment

You invest heavily in promotional campaigns to drive demand. Demand is only good if it turns into sales. We make sure your representatives know when the campaigns are launching, who they are targeting and how to position the offers to deliver value and a seamless experience.

Typical Campaign Pitfalls

“Our campaigns are driving traffic, but sales are not converting.”
“Our customers get frustrated when our representatives aren’t aware of the latest offers.”
“We are not getting return for our advertising dollars in key buying seasons.”
“Our teams only sell promo offers, but don’t look for opportunities to position all products.”

Campaign & Promotion Services

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Internal Market Research

  • Custom Brand Transfer Score™ (BTS) on campaign message
  • Focus Groups and Frontline Observations
  • Content and Materials Audit
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Messaging Strategy

  • Insights on internal obstacles and mindshare challenges
  • Insights on pricing/promotional offer vs. competition
  • Custom Messaging Roadmap and audience segmentation
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Campaign Development

  • Develop campaign creative elements (themes/branding, graphics, messaging)
  • Build content and tactic strategy (materials, incentives, events, etc.)
  • Produce all campaign collateral (physical and digital)
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Internal Brand Activation

  • Campaign execution (materials distribution, logistics, frontline feedback)
  • Event planning and execution
  • Staffing of field marketing personnel (ambassadors, coaches, facilitators, etc.)

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