Our Approach to Achieve True Brand Alignment

The InnerView Approach

At InnerView Group, our approach begins with the idea that your employees should be treated like your buyers. We collect insights to help build internal communications campaigns to “sell” the brand and guide employees’ actions while raising their confidence.

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Internal Market Research

You measure what your customers think about your brand, but what about your employees? By conducting internal research, we measure the thoughts and opinions of those who interact with your customers through:

InnerView Group’s proprietary Brand Transfer Score™ provides detailed insights into where your brand message is breaking down.

messaging strategy from corporate marketing to the customer

Our team translates your brand story into clear behaviors creating meaningful variations for employees and partners to implement.

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Messaging Strategy

Customers and employees are different audiences with different challenges and motivations. We create a data-driven strategic plan to reach the internal audience with targeted and relevant messages using:

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Campaign Development

Training alone isn’t enough to turn your team into passionate brand advocates. We curate cutting-edge internal campaigns around three principles – Community, Content and Experience - using tactics such as:

brand campaign development

Deliver your brand story to your people in new and fresh ways that are the best tactics for your brand.

Execution is why our internal campaigns drive results.

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Internal Brand Activation

Content is not enough. To put the messages into action, we offer implementation services ranging from campaign oversight and management to embedding internal brand ambassadors employing tools like:

Brand Alignment Results in Increased Lead Generation

Eighteen months after the launch of a new suite of products, Mohawk Floors was not seeing the return and product adoption they expected. They wanted to optimize sales interactions and first impressions, so they sought assistance from InnerView to evaluate their brand messaging and internal alignment.

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