Better alignment
means a better
customer experience

Marketing creates the customer strategy.  Sales and service channels need to deliver on it.  We are a consultancy that gets them on the same page.

Frontline channels are the gateway to your customers

Alignment starts by knowing your audience.  Most marketers have data on their customers.  But, InnerView’s proprietary InFront platform taps into the perspective of the people who serve them.  What do your representatives observe about your customers?  How do they feel about your value proposition?  InFront is an insights engine that identifies gaps and serves as the roadmap to better alignment.

When to Contact InnerView

We get you ahead of your next go-to-market initiative, including:

product and service launches

Product & Service Launches

We will collaborate with your team to prepare them with the messaging and understanding they need to deliver results.
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Campaigns & Promotions

We get your customer-facing teams just as excited about your key promotional campaigns as your customers are.
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rebranding icon

Company Rebranding

Stakeholders must understand and believe in the new brand and have the ability to articulate the same story to customers.
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mergers and acquisitions icon

Mergers & Acquisitions

When bringing companies together through mergers and acquisitions, we help align the brands so they serve the customer with one promise.
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Customer Experience Programs

The customer experience defines how customers feel and what they think. This must be defined and delivered throughout the journey.
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Dealer/Channel Support

Any individuals speaking on behalf of or for your brand should be empowered to truly represent the brand with knowledge and accuracy.
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Go-to-market success starts with
highly-engaged channels

Marketing teams won’t reach customers all by themselves.  We’ve done the research, surveying both marketing executives (250)  and frontline representatives (1,200) and the conclusion is clear: Frontline teams are critical to building successful customer relationships.

25 %
Of Marketing executives believe their customer-facing teams are critical to the success of their strategy
40 %
Of frontline representatives say a clear understanding of their company's brand message helps them make more sales


0 %
Of frontline reps say they feel prepared to support company marketing initiatives

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