Brand Alignment from the Inside Out

Does your internal team know how to tell your brand story to create a consistent customer experience?

A Brand Alignment Guide for Marketers

Download our Marketer’s Guide to Driving Internal Brand Alignment, which offers actionable strategies to align internal teams to effectively tell the brand story.

Creating Brand Alignment Through Internal Brand Engagement

While marketing teams spend time and resources to develop dynamic, engaging campaigns, are they also focusing on internal branding? Most are not, which is where we help. At InnerView Group, we work with companies to align brand and product stories with customer-facing teams. We help internal audiences feel confident about and believe in a brand’s message so customer conversations are consistent with your brand and campaign messaging.

product and service launches
Product & Service Launches

While you work on product development and service launches, we will collaborate with your team to prepare them with the messaging and understanding they need to deliver results right from day one.

campaigns and promotions icon
Campaigns & Promotions

We facilitate internal marketing campaigns to get your customer teams excited so they are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about campaign messaging and goals and understand the ins and outs of your promotions.

rebranding icon

Rebranding is a fresh perspective or angle on your company that tells a new story. Stakeholders must understand and believe in the new brand and have the ability to articulate the same story to customers.

mergers and acquisitions icon
Mergers & Acquisitions

When bringing companies together through mergers and acquisitions, there can be confusion in understanding and explaining the new story both internally and externally. We align the brands so they can smoothly merge into the new identity.

customer experience programs icon
Customer Experience Programs

The customer experience is unique to each brand and company. It defines how customers feel and what they think throughout the journey. Therefore, the experience must be defined and delivered consistently at every touchpoint.

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Dealer/Channel Support

Any and all individuals speaking on behalf of or for your brand should be empowered to truly represent the brand with knowledge and accuracy. Leverage dealers and distribution partners to truly represent the brand and become an extension of your team.

Too Many Brands are Inconsistent and Need Brand Alignment

In our many years of experience, we recognized this problem existed. But we wanted to study it and find out just how big a problem it truly was. Here’s a little taste of what we found when we surveyed 250 executives across companies that with $250M+ in revenue and here is what we found:

0 %
Of marketers estimate a $10M+ value on sales and customer retention in brand consistency
0 %
Of marketers lack confidence that people inside their own company can tell their brand story accurately and consistently
0 %
Of marketers use email communications to activate their internal teams, but only 32% find it effective

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