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Our Brand Transfer Study helps measure, isolate and fix the gap between marketing and frontline teams.

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66% of Marketing Leaders Feel the Pain

Our research shows that two-in-three marketers believe their key product and brand messages are getting lost in translation.  You create one story, but frontline representatives deliver a different version to customers.

The result?  Inconsistency, confused customers and lost revenue. 

Now you can measure the breakdown!

Gain Control Over Your Customer Experience

Your sales and service representatives shape the customer experience. What are they likely to say to a customer…and why? Understanding their attitudes and perceptions is a blind spot for many brands.  

The BTS provides clarity into their mindset and where there’s misalignment in your company. Improve alignment and you improve consistency of the customer experience!


Consistency Leads to:
  • Higher sales conversion
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • More revenue and profitability

Insights that Drive Action

BTS insights drive your frontline activation strategy.  The data we collect helps us pinpoint the message breakdown – who is struggling, why they are struggling and how significant the misalignment is.

The BTS is built on proven market research principles. The difference is we add your customer-facing teams into the equation. The result is a combined picture of leadership assumptions, customer preferences and frontline attitudes.  Ensuring those three audiences are aligned is the key to go-to-market success.

Our structured process allows us to compare these audiences across three key components:

  • Customer Preference
  • Company/Brand Performance
  • Competitor Performance