The Challenge: Improve Adoption for New Marketing Program

The Problem

“I need to see results quickly after product/service launch.”

Mohawk launched a suite of digital marketing tools to assist their nearly 15,000 independent retail partners. Through 18 months, the program’s adoption rate was low and engagement from Mohawk’s residential salesforce was lacking.

The Solution

To accelerate the sales team’s adoption and ability to present the digital program to their retail partners, the InnerView team:

  • Conducted Brand Transfer Study to identify gaps in perception around the services
  • Rebuilt existing sales tools with refined messaging
  • Created Conversation Guide to clarify roles and expectations in selling process
  • Hosted sales team “huddles” to foster peer-to-peer interaction and build confidence

The Results

0 +
New sales presentations to dealers
Fresh leads generated in first 30 days of pilot

The huddles were probably the single most helpful thing Mohawk has done to help me better understand the program and how to effectively pitch it to a retailer. I appreciate the support!"