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Listen to insightful conversations we’ve had with thought leaders from Marketing, Sales, Branding, Customer Experience and even some industry-specific shows.

At InnerView, we pride ourselves on bringing a unique perspective to some typical problems marketers face, and podcasting has been a great way to share ideas on how to close the gap between marketing and frontline teams. We will continue to update this page as new episodes become available.

Customer Service Revolution Podcast with John DiJulius

On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, Chris joins John DiJulius to unravel the secrets behind a customer service revolution taking the corporate world by storm.  

Imagine walking into a store where your every need is met and anticipated. That’s the future Chris envisions as he and John navigate the intricacies of aligning marketing promises with real-time customer interactions. They dissect the complexities of B2B2C relationships and discuss how our InFront platform helps organizations ensure that the narrative spun by marketing teams is the reality customers encounter, enhancing the overall brand experience.

Science of CX Podcast with Steve Pappas

Chris joins Steve Pappas on his podcast, Science of CX, to talk about how he leverages his experience to help companies reshape their customer interactions and elevate frontline performance.

With a focus on structured listening, Chris emphasizes the importance of understanding and responding to the needs of frontline employees. He recognizes the pivotal role they play in driving lasting change within organizations. Making a commitment to upskill and support frontline teams helps sets the foundation for successful change management initiatives, ensuring that organizations not only adapt to change but thrive in it.

Stories With Traction Podcast with Matt Zaun

What if your organization was sharing powerful and engaging stories?

Sounds good, right?!

…but what if the stories that were being shared weren’t actually connecting with your customers?

In this episode, Chris sits down with host, Matt Zaun, to talk about how leaders can align the right stories with their frontline teams. 

The result, is powerful, engaging stories told by your employees that truly connect with your customers.

SIMPLE brand Podcast with Matt Lyles 

In this conversation, Chris and Matt discuss how brands can create a more collaborative relationship with their frontline teams.  

Here’s what they unpack in the episode:

  • How to move a vision from the C-suite to the frontline team
  • Why spoon-feeding the frontline is not a bad thing
  • Why “asking” is a much better strategy than “telling”
  • How to create evangelists in your frontline employees
  • How to put your customer insight into action
  • Why influencing your frontline workers is the best way to influence the customer
  • How your frontline employees double as your customers’ best consultants
  • How customer and employee experience tie to your company’s overall brand and culture
  • How to balance digital experiences with the human touch of the frontline

Your Brand Amplified Podcast with Anika Jackson

Have you ever wondered about the ripple effect of your frontline team on your customers’ decisions? We shed light on this crucial link with enlightening research from Synchrony Financial. Case in point, sales staff sway a whopping 86% of final decisions on major home purchases!

We also share an intriguing case study of a consumer tech giant that had to do a 180 with their marketing strategy, all based on invaluable feedback from their frontline teams. This episode will make you see the immense value of considering frontline teams as key stakeholders and using their insights to optimize marketing strategies.

Talking Marketing Podcast with Allen Ibrahim 

InnerView has had an amazing partnership with the American Marketing Association and its local chapters over the years.

For our latest collaboration, the American Marketing Association | Boston was kind enough to invite Chris Wallace  onto their podcast.

We discuss the large gaps that can exist between sales and marketing and ways to bridge the gap while also keeping the customer in mind. They also talk about  the irreplaceable nature of human content, and how we need to keep ourselves in mind in our business.

What Gets Measured Podcast with Jacob Sanders

A discussion about brand alignment and how to ensure every stakeholder, from corporate offices to sales teams, understands and conveys a unified brand message.

Chris and Jacob talk about the costs associated with marketing and the penalties for getting it wrong. The outputs of marketing, such as brand refreshes, new product features, new campaigns, these all are expensive and take up bandwidth and resources, so to not have a strong internal alignment on these things can end up being costly.

Spamming Zero Podcast with Brian Schiff and James Gilbert

Frontline employees are the heart of an organization. And they know a thing or two about what your customers are saying.

So, it makes sense to both listen to them and to focus on helping them succeed in whatever ways possible. 

It’s something that Chris talks to Flip CX’s Spamming Zero podcast hosts about in this episode. Their conversation includes: the importance of storytelling in sales; the role of AI in feedback analysis; the power of frontline insights; encouraging innovation among frontline teams as well as the value of authentic messaging.

The Remarkable Project Podcast with Jay Tinkler

In this episode of The Remarkable Project, Chris speaks with host, Jay Tinkler, about the importance of creating collaborative conversation with your frontline teams. They discuss how organizations can improve alignment between their go-to-market strategies and their frontline channels (sales, customer service, support, etc.). They also talk about how to recognize and deal with the disconnect that sometimes happens between the frontline and management and what steps companies can take to get employees and partners on the same page.

How Better Alignment Leads to Better Customer Experience

The Unified Brand Podcast with Chris Outlaw

It is flattering to ever be invited to be a podcast guest. To be invited back is a true honor. Thanks to Chris Outlaw for having Chris Wallace return for another episode of The Unified Brand Podcast.

This episode focuses on trends we are seeing around customer experience and the role of humans in an omnichannel world. They talk about how our InFront tool helps organizations translate their customer strategies into implementable plans for frontline teams to execute.

How to Measure the Impact of CX

It’s a Customer’s World Podcast with Andy Murray

In this show, Andy and Chris take a deep dive into customer experience strategy.

Listen in to the full conversation as they define CX, why it is important for businesses today, the biggest challenges organizations face today in finding alignment around CX, and much more.

Important topics covered include: identifying if a brand is truly customer centric; where does CX live within an organization?; how to measure the impact of CX; and the importance of a human touch in CX.

How to Measure the Impact of CX

Connecting Marketing with the Frontline

Intellicast Podcast with Brian Lamar

This is one of the more unique interviews we’ve had on the show, discussing how survey research can be leveraged for sales and marketing.

Chris speaks Producer Brian’s language, discussing how InnerView ensures that your marketing efforts are connected with your frontline and how they can be an extension of your brand positioning.

Chris shares some details about their InFront platform and how brands can leverage insights around alignment, advocacy, and benchmarking. If you’re interested in how quantitative research can uncover insights internally, this episode is a can’t-miss!

Aligning you go-to-market strategies with your frontline teams

Influential Entrepreneurs with Mike Saunders, MBA

On this episode of the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast, Chris talks to host Mike Saunders about steps organizations can take to improve alignment between their go-to-market strategies and their frontline channels (sales, customer service, support, etc.).

Chris explains why InnerView developed the breakthrough InFront platform, which applies market research processes to collect and analyze employee and partner perceptions of customer needs and company value proposition. 

Business Intelligence & GTM Insights

Uncovering GTM Insights from Your Employees, Not Just Your Customers

The Customer Experience Podcast with Ethan Beute

Your frontline employees are the ultimate catalyst of customer buy-in.

This episode marks Chris’s second conversation with host, Ethan Beute. He first joined she show for Episode 73, “Marketing To Your Employees, Not Just Your Customers.”

Chris pushes businesses beyond knowing what customers think. He shares a conviction that frontline workers, the people who influence and serve customers daily, have a unique perspective informed by hands-on experience that must be incorporated into organizational decisions and strategy.

Translating Customer Strategies Into Actionable Plans

Simple Strategies For Improving Your Customer Experience

Service Business Mastery Podcast with Tersh Blissett and Joshua Crouch

Join Tersh Blissett and Joshua Crouch as they talk with InnerView President, Chris Wallace, about how to best communicate your business strategies so you and your team can deliver great customer experiences, no matter the size of your business.

In this episode of the Business Mastery Podcast we discuss:

  • The tangible value of focusing on delivering value and great customer experiences.
  • Developing a strategy for collecting customer feedback/reviews.
  • How transforming your business processes impacts your company culture and employee retention.
The Value of Employee and Customer Data

Using Customer Data To Guide Go-To-Market and Content Strategy

The Business of Marketing Podcast with A. Lee Judge

In this episode, Chris Wallace and A. Lee Judge discuss the parallels (and even co-dependency) between marketing and customer experience.

Chris gives additional insight into branding, sales, marketing, and corporate leadership.

Chris also shares how companies can better align the strategies of the board room with the daily execution at the front lines.

Recorded Live on April 7, 2022

Jack Rants with Jack Hubbard

Entrepreneur, Forbes and Harvard Business Review contributor and marketing and customer experience expert, Chris Wallace, Co-Founder and President of Innerview Group, joins Jack Hubbard on this week’s Jack Rants Live. 

On this episode, they discuss community bank branding, technology as a leveler not a separator and much more.

50 Podcast Conversations

Celebrating the Milestone of 50 Podcast Appearances

Special thanks to all the amazing hosts and producers!

Over the last four years, Chris has had the pleasure of joining some brilliant, funny, innovative, and thought-provoking podcast hosts across a variety of shows and topics.

This week he hit a milestone, as his 50th show appearance went live!

How Better Alignment Leads to Better Customer Experience

Learn the Secrets to Internal Branding

The Unified Brand Podcast with Chris Outlaw

Is your brand getting lost in translation?

A team that doesn’t care about your brand means you’re not going to deliver on the promises you’ve made to your audience. Delivering on your audience’s expectations builds trust.

In this episode you’ll learn why the spirit of your brand is so hard to communicate the further down the business you go. And you’ll learn the secrets to creating a unified brand story that everyone on your team will be proud to tell!

The Gap Between Your Marketing Message and Frontline Teams

Does Your Frontline Team Believe in Your Brand?

Amazing Business Radio Podcast with Shep Hyken

The goal of marketers is to reach the customer, to drive demand, to catch interest, to capture attention, and to set expectations. We encourage marketers to ask themselves – How do we equip our people to understand, align, and confidently deliver on these expectations?

The people who live in the trenches have a unique perspective on the customer experience and the brand promise. They get feedback from customers. They see how decisions are made in real-time. They have valuable input that can help leaders make better decisions. Leadership needs to take advantage of their knowledge!

In this conversation, Chris and Shep discuss the importance of a two-way dialogue between the marketing department and your frontline teams.

Creating Exceptional Experiences

Aligning Your Audiences Around Your Brand Message

The Franchise Academy Podcast with Tom Scarda

Are your customer-facing employees creating exceptional customer
experiences? Are they fully aligned to your brand story?

If you can’t answer with a resounding YES, then this podcast episode is for you! Tune in as Chris  talks to Tom Scarda, host of the Franchise Academy Podcast, about how valuable the Brand Transfer Study can be to businesses, especially franchise brands, that have many audiences they need to get aligned around their message.

Create Balance Within Your Brand

Getting The Balance Right With Your Sales, Marketing and Brand

None of Your Business Podcast with Shawn Dill and Lacey Book 

In this episode of the None of Your Business Podcast Chris shares his experience in helping businesses small and large develop behaviors that match their brand. He also gives his insight on creating a balance between Marketing, Sales, and Branding in a very simple way. 

Topics explored include:  Which is more important: Marketing or Sales; The set of promises your company makes; Why it’s important to listen to your clients; Creating a feedback loop within your marketing and sales team; Getting the right balance between Marketing and Sales; The difference between Customer Experience and Employee Experience.

Translating Your Brand Into Behaviors

Does Your Customer Experience Match Your Brand Promise Podcast

Multiply Your Success Podcast with Tom DuFore 

Does your customer experience match your brand promise? Or maybe yet, do you even know what your brand promise happens to be?

In this episode Chris shares his expert advice on how to build continuity between your company’s branding and your customer experience. He shares some of his tips and suggestions to improve the connection between your brand identity and your customer experience.

The Value of a Consistent Story

Is Your Frontline Team Telling Customers the Right Story

Manufacturing Talk Radio Podcast with Tim Grady and Lew Weiss 

Chris joins Tim Grady and Lew Wiess, co-hosts of the Manufacturing Talk Radio Podcast, to talk about the critical concern of frontline teams presenting a different version of the story marketing communicates to customers.

Learn what steps organizations can take to help their customer-facing teams be as confident in sharing the brand story as the team that created it.

The Bridge Between Brand and Experience

Banking on Experience Podcast with James Gilbert

You’ve got brand. You’ve got customer and member experience. But are you focusing enough on the link between the two? 

On this episode Chris talks to host, James Gilbert, about what steps financial institutions can take to bridge the gap between the two. 

Topics covered include: The biggest misconceptions about experience in the financial world; The role that brand plays; Measuring experience: foundational steps for FIs; How your FI can manage branding experience more effectively; Who owns experience in your organization.

Frontline Employees Have Valuable Insights for CMOs

Your Frontline Teams Know Your Brand Better Than Anyone

CMO Convo Podcast with Will Whitham

CMOs and their marketing teams are in charge of developing their organization’s brand, but oftentimes they are not the ones living and breathing it every day. They don’t get to see firsthand how customers respond to it. The frontline teams like sales, customer support have direct interactions with your customers. 

Chris talks to Will about the valuable insights frontline employees can share with their marketing departments, which is where the importance of a two-way dialogue comes into play.

Influencing the Customer Via Your Team

Internal Marketing

The Financial Marketeer Podcast with Paul Wood

You want brand engagement with your customers, but most brands don’t have brand engagement with their own employees.

Chris joins Paul Wood to discuss the problem that internal marketing is designed to solve. There’s probably no better place to talk about this than in the financial world. The financial services space has a lot of products and services that are relatively commoditized and experience is really becoming the battleground for how to differentiate yourself.

Drive Belief Inside Your Brand

Knowledge versus Belief

Joseph Jaffe is Not Famous Talk Show

If you’re not familiar with Joe, he is part philosopher, part comedian, part business strategist and possibly the most interesting man on LinkedIn. The show was fun and possibly a little unpredictable. 

Tune is as we discuss the difference between knowledge and belief and why the distinction matters.

Put Your Frontline Employees in a Position to Succeed

Scaling Frontline CX Knowledge Throughout Your Company

Voices of CX Podcast with Mary Drumond

On this episode Chris talks to host, Mary Drumond, about scaling the best of your frontline employee’s knowledge, experience and expertise all the way up to the executive suite so that your company can make the most of it.

At every touchpoint, the stakes are high for brands. Every single touchpoint. So, whether it’s a lot of touchpoints or just a few, it really doesn’t matter to us. We want to make sure that when they happen, that the people who show up feel confident in the experience that they’re going to deliver. 

Leverage Your Frontline Teams

Communicating your Brand Message via Frontline Employees

The Next CMO Podcast with Peter Mahoney

In this episode, Chris shares his unique perspective on branding – that marketers need to leverage their frontline employees to communicate their brand message more effectively. He challenges CMOs  to lead the charge as brands evolve and become synonymous with customer experience. People need to be at the center of that experience.

If you are planning any major brand projects, you definitely need to check out this conversation.

How are you tapping into your frontline employees?

Selling Your Brand Story Through Your Employees

The Marketing with Empathy Podcast with Sarah Panus 

How are you tapping into your customer-facing frontline employees and partners right now? Do you think about your internal audience as part of your brand storytelling work?  Do you think about how your internal brand folks influence your external audience? How they can help build better connections and better results with your audience?

Chris answers these questions posed by host, Sarah Panus, during this podcast episode.

Investing in Brand Messaging

How to Close the Gap Between Knowledge and Belief to Create Engaging Organizations

Helping Organisations Thrive Podcast with Julian Roberts

Chris recently sat down with Julian Roberts to discuss why InnerView is more focused on what frontline employees believe versus what they know. In fact, we specifically created our Brand Transfer Study to help organizations measure it!

An organizations investment in aligning everyone around their brand and product messaging will give employees confidence and help them deliver an experience that far surpasses reciting facts without passion. And by engaging you turn the knowledge of the ‘brand’ into what they believe, and belief has immense power to create growth in sales, creativity and productivity.

The Power of Frontline Insights

Transforming Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Marketing Smarts Podcast with April Martini & Anne Candido

Tune into this episode of the Marketing Smarts Podcast for a great conversation on the power of frontline insights as business intelligence “to shape, tighten and power your brand story.” Learn strategies for transforming your employees into brand ambassadors for your business. Your employees can be your most effective word-of-mouth marketers, but only if they have a clear and compelling story to tell.

Brand Consistency Insights

Belief, Confidence and Pride" - The Brand Transfer Study

The Marketing on Purpose Podcast with Michael Fenech

With the evolving digital market space, it is vital for marketers to employ storytelling that displays consistency and considers a consumer-driven brand experience. This discussion provides an in-depth explanation on developing a brand champion through an omnichannel approach. It also offers insight into why InnerView  developed the Brand Transfer Study to help marketers gain detailed insights on their brand message and how it reflects on their employees’ collaboration. 

Successfully Translating Your Brand Message

Keeping Your Brand Messaging Consistent

The Agile World Podcast with Greg Kihlstrom

Agile World Podcast host, Greg Kihlstrom, sits down with InnerView President, Chris Wallace, to talk about making sure that your brand messaging is successfully translated from leadership, to employees, and ultimately to current and prospective customers.

Find Out Where Your Message Is Breaking Down

Internal Brand Alignment

Integrate and Ignite Podcast with Lori Jones

If brands want to gain momentum around their marketing initiatives they must first ask themselves if they have confidence in the story their asking their frontline teams to tell.

Is your brand aligned internally AND externally? Chris and host, Lori Jones, take a deep dive into how brands get misaligned and ways they can combat the disconnect. Listen in and hear Chris’s recommendations for finding the breakdown with the Brand Transfer Study so you can get back into a state of alignment and engagement.

Communication & Consistency

The Keys to Aligning Your Brand & Customer Experience

Brand Land Podcast with Garrett Jestice

In past Brand Land episodes we’ve talked a lot about the importance of communication and consistency within a company, especially when it comes to marketing messaging. But what exactly should you be doing to ensure that the actions and speech of your frontline employees are aligning with corporate marketing goals? 

Fortunately, in this episode our very own Christopher Wallace is a here to talk about how we aligns customer experience with brand messaging.

Does Your Experience Match Your Expectations?

Meetings Expectations

The CX Leader Podcast with Steve Walker

It’s important for those leading a company’s CX efforts to make certain the customer experience delivered by your front-line employees matches the customer’s expectations. And that means your employees need to understand your brand and the expectations it promises. Host Steve Walker and Chris Wallace discuss how to ensure your front-line employees deliver the experience promised by your brand.

Internal Alignment

Win From Within

Shock Your Potential Podcast with Michael Sherlock

Are your customer-facing employees creating exceptional customer experiences? Are they fully aligned to your brand story?

If you can’t answer with a resounding YES!, then we have a solution for you on this podcast. Chris talks to host, Michael Sherlock, about the disconnects that can happen within a company when we aren’t sure what message our teams are sending to our customers.

CX Insights from the Inside, Out

Connecting Your Brand Story to Your Customers

Customer Service Academy Podcast with Tony Johnson

In this episode Chris joins Tony to talk about internal marketing, communication, and brand.

Great marketing touches every part of an organization. Learn why marketing to your internal teams will help them tell your brand story more consistently; why understanding what your team thinks about your brand will dial in their ability to tell your story; and how peer to peer influence is key to changing behaviors

Why Brand Consistency Matters

Why Branding and Culture Should Be Bottoms Up

Retail Redeveloped Podcast with Adam Williams

How can brands use frontline workers’ feedback to establish customer intelligence?

Listen in to a conversation between Chris and Adam as they discuss why culture needs to be bottoms up and start with your frontline employees; what makes consistency the holy grail in branding; and which brands have become a gold standard with marketing, branding, and customer relations.

Marketing from the Inside, Out

Internal Marketing During a Pandemic

Marketing Expedition Podcast with Rhea Allen

How are you supposed to navigate your marketing strategy during a pandemic and beyond? Chris shares his perspective with host Rhea Allen. The two talk about the importance of using data and research to understand what your frontline teams are seeing and experiencing when they interact with your customers.

Mobilizing Your Internal Stakeholders

Why Your Company Needs Internal Marketing

The Internal Marketing Podcast with Kerry-Ann Stimpson

In the inaugural episode of the Internal Marketing Podcast, Chris and host, Kerry-Ann Stimpson, flip the marketing conversation from external to internal marketing!

They take a deep dive into internal marketing; why companies need it; why they think they’re doing it (but are not doing it correctly); and why even the best marketing strategies won’t be truly successful without it. Let’s face it, if your employees aren’t engaged in the brand, then why would your customers.

Does Your Customer Experience Match Your Brand Promise?

Fulfilling Your Brand Promise

Waiting for Service Podcast (formerly the Curated Customer Experience Podcast) with Amas Tenumah

Amas and Chris have an insightful conversation about:

Who really designs brand promise? What causes the gap between what is expected and what is delivered? How do you measure the gap? The real work to fulfill brand promise is internal.

Tune in to learn why brand misalignment occurs and the steps you can take to deliver a consistent customer experience where your brand promise shines through!

The Importance of a Consistent Message

How To Inspire Your Team to Help Amplify Your Marketing

The How To Do Marketing Show Podcast with Jane Hillsdon 

If you were to ask any member of your team what your brand stood for, or who your perfect customer is or even what makes your business truly different to your competitors, would they know the answer? And more importantly, if you were to go and ask several of your team these same questions, would you get a consistent answer?

Ensuring that your team both knows and understands and is also really passionate about your business is one really cost-effective way to help create a solid and successful brand. Tune it to hear Chris Wallace explain how businesses can communicate their brand story to their most important customer; their teams!

Customer Experience in the Design World

Leverage Industry Partners to Improve Your Client Experience

A Well-Designed Business Podcast with LuAnn Nigara

Chris truly believes in providing value to your clients by meeting their needs and making their lives better, and getting all of your industry partners on board with that idea, or finding partners that already are.

Listen in to hear what Chris has to say about leveraging those industry partnerships to do that, so that the customer experience is a focus at every single level.

Prioritizing Communication to Your Internal Audience

Creating A Consistent Customer Experience Through Internal Brand Alignment

The Kim Barrett Show Podcast with Kim Barrett

Would you say your team is working together effectively? Perhaps there’s a disconnect between management and your frontline teams? If this sounds familiar to you, then this is the podcast episode for you.

Chris and Kim talk about how you can get everyone in your organization aligned around your brand promise to ensure that every connection your customers have with your brand is consistent.

How Do Your Employees Internalize Your Brand Message

A Look Inside Customer Experience

Digital Marketing Masters Podcast with Matt Rouse

Does your brand promise match your customer experience? Listen in to to learn how InnerView makes sure these two things are as closely aligned as they can be. Chris and Matt discuss why Customer Experience should live inside the marketing department; how experience is going to set you apart from your competitors and help you grow; suggested tactics for engaging your frontline representatives to help them deliver an experience that matches your brand promise as well as thinking about service and experiences that would have been better before the pandemic.

How Can Internal Marketing Help the Customer Experience

Internal Marketing: What Is It And How Can It Help CX?

Not Another Marketing Podcast with Jon Tromans

Internal Marketing is usually thought as something only big companies do. Can SMEs and smaller businesses use some of the tactics to help provide a better customer experience?

In this episode, Chris explains some of the techniques involved in marketing to staff, why you should do it and he also offers a couple of great examples near the end of the show.

Are You Communicating with Your Mo

Brand Alignment from the Inside, Out

Real-World Branding Podcast with Bill Gullan

As Founder and President of InnerView, Chris builds upon previous success as the founder and CEO of Incite, a sales consulting and coaching practice, and his more than 15 years of sales, marketing and corporate leadership. InnerView is a marketing consulting firm established to help companies reach and influence their most critical audiences – the people and partners that represent their brand. Tune in this week to learn more about Chris’ journey and InnerView.

How to Deliver Value from the Inside Out

How Brand Alignment Creates Quality Customer Experience

Scaling Up Services Podcast with Bruce Eckfeldt

On this podcast episode Chris discusses his days of being a corporate agitator; how he became an accidental entrepreneur; and how he and COO & Partner, Diana Finley, identified a glaring need in the market, which led them to create InnerView.

Aligning Around Your Value

A Brand is a Collection of Promises You Make to Your Customers

Absolute Business Mindset Podcast with Mark Hayward

Chris sits down with host, Mark Hayward, to discuss his early career in marketing and sales, his experience running multiple companies, along with the work InnerView does to help align internal teams to deliver a consistent customer experience at every touchpoint.

The episode is full of great insights and thoughtful discussion. Tune in to learn how to make a difference in the lives of the people that represent your brand.

Employee Experience is Customer Experience

Marketing To Your Employees, Not Just Your Customers

The Customer Experience Podcast with Ethan Beute

Think of all the time, effort, and money that our companies spend on marketing our products and services to potential and current customers. But it’s all in vain if your customer experience doesn’t live up to expectations.

So, how do we ensure that our brand promise matches our delivered experience? One way to close the gap is by marketing to our employees, too. Tune in to learn more about the unique relationship between brand and customer experience… and how that relates to employees. 

Why a Consistent Brand Message Matters

The Inside Track on What Your Team Tells Customers

Profit from the Inside Podcast with Joel Block

On this episode of the Profit From the Inside with Joel Block Podcast Chris addresses the question: Do you worry that the people who represent your brand are sharing it the way you intended it to be shared so that consumers hear what you intend for them to hear?

Chris shares his perspective on the disconnect that exists between the C-Suite teams developing marketing campaigns and the frontline teams interacting with the customer. Tune in to learn how to connect your brand promise with actions so that the people that represent your brand are excited to tell your story in every interaction they have with customers.

Why a Consistent Brand Message Matters

How To Unify Your Internal Marketing

Building a Business That Lasts Podcast with Jay Owen. 

In this episode, Jay talks with Chris Wallace about InnerView’s work helping companies align their brand and product stories with their customer-facing teams. Some topics of today’s episode include: internal communications and marketing, delivering success to clients, and delivering clear consistent messaging. Tune in to today’s podcast and discover some great insights on internal marketing.

The Role of Frontline Employees

Turning Employees Into Evangelists

Success Story Podcast with Scott D. Clary

In this episode Chris Wallace talks to  Scott Douglas Clary, MBAhost of the Success Story Podcast to discuss the important role employees play in delivering on your brand promise. As our world faces  some very disruptive times, we are seeing that supporting and inspiring frontline employees is always a relevant effort.  Tune in as Chris shares InnerView’s perspective as well as examples of companies who are ahead of the curve in their commitment to win from within.

Does Your Brand Promise Match Your CX?

Aligning Your Brand and Product Stories

SalesPop! Podcast with John Golden

Have you ever been very excited about a product or service based on the advertising you’ve seen, only to be extremely disappointed and confused when you actually became a customer? It can be incredibly difficult for the strategies of the boardroom and marketing team to actually be executed on the front lines of customer experience. Chris Wallace, interviewed by John Golden, talks aligning your brand and product stories in this expert sales interview.

How to Create Meaningful Brand Experiences

How to Create Brand Alignment Internally

A Branded World Podcast with Luiza Campos

Brands are built one interaction at a time, internally and externally. If your staff doesn’t know how to behave or what to say to create the right brand experiences to match your brand promise, you’ll not be able to achieve the brand image and reputation you’re striving for.

Many brands leave to chance how front facing staff will interpret the brand and create the right interactions with external audiences. This is at best a missed opportunity to strengthen your brand and at worst a risk in ending up with wrong or detrimental brand experiences.

Improve Communication Internally

Overlooked Aspects of Communication

Bold Business Podcast with Jess Dewell

Effective communication requires intention. Intention requires time and effort, both of which are in short supply in our demanding world. There are elements you can increase our awareness of, and a tool to practice to improve your communication. To lead by example. Christopher Wallace, President and Co-founder of InnerView, Michael O’Brien, Chief Shift Officer, and Margaret Watts Romney, Speaker Coach, share with Jess Dewell how to address overlooked aspects of organizational communication.

Internalizing Your Brand Story

Brand Alignment from the Inside Out

Navigating the Customer Experience Podcast with Yanique Grant

Chris sits down with Yanique to talk about how companies can achieve brand alignment, from the inside out.  They discuss the importance of knowing what your brand story is and internalizing it first.  Chris explains what brand dilution is – the gap between what is promised through external marketing and what the customer actually experiences – and how companies can combat it.  Customer experience is an area that needs tremendous investment and starts with engaging frontline teams in new and exciting ways.

The Power of Communicating Your Brands Why

Helping Marketers Align Their Messages with Their Frontline Teams

The Business Power Hour Podcast with Deb Krier

InnerView President, Chris Wallace, sits down with Deborah Krier, host of the Business Power Hour Podcast on C-Suite Radio to discuss how most organizations get too focused on delivering the “what” and how it affects your employee belief when you stop communicating the “why.”

Watch the episode: Chris Wallace – YouTube

How to Build Belief, Confidence & Pride

Scaling your Sales Team

Business Break Through Podcast with Estie Rand

In this episode, Chris shares with us the key to ensure that your brand is consistently displayed across your business, which he’s figured out from his unique experience as both a business-owner-boss and a down-in-the-trenches-employee. If you want to make sure that your front line employees are giving over the same message as your billboards and email campaigns, this episode is a must-listen!

81: Scaling your Sales Team with Chris Wallace (Part 2) – Estie Rand

Building Brand Alignment Internally

Building Brand Alignment Internally and Externally

On Brand Podcast with Nick Westergaard

“We’re the BASF of brand story. We don’t make it but we bring it life.” This analogy perfectly captures the inflection point where Christopher Wallace has built his business. InnerView helps marketing teams take the brand from the boardroom to the customers on the front line. This isn’t as easy as it might sound at first. We discussed all of this and more on this week’s episode of the On Brand podcast.

The Gap Between Marketing and Sales

Minimizing the Gap Between Marketing and Sales

Open Sourced Workplace Podcast with Steve Todd

Organizations spend billions upon billions of dollars to drive demand, but the results don’t always equate. Customers are seeking exactly what is advertised, while salesmen are not always familiar with it. This creates a disconnect that destroys the experience. Not only is it an embarrassing thing for the company to have uninformed people, but the customer might find a competitor to be more knowledgeable about a similar product, thus losing the sale. Chris talks to host, Steve Todd, about what brands can do to bridge the gap between the experience and the promises delivered via marketing.

Unintended Consequences Podcast with Brian Massey

Sales and marketing. Two functions critical to a business’s success. They work tightly, arm-in-arm to build awareness, engage prospects and help them choose the best solution for their problem. They have common goals and cooperate closely to achieve them. 

Yes their exists a gulf, a canyon, between sales and marketing that has been around for as long as I’ve been in the business. That’s why I invited Chris Wallace to be on the podcast. He is the Co-founder and President of InnerView, an agency that is totally focused on this problem.

Align Your Brand Strategy with Customer-facing Employees

How to Align Employees With Your Brand Story

The Business of Story Podcast with Park Howell

As a Business of Story listener, you know that having a clear brand story is important and can have a massive impact on your organization’s growth. But what if, after making a hefty investment in time and resources to craft your narrative, you can’t gain buy-in from your people? This not only depletes your efforts, but even worse – can actually cost you business. To overcome this, it’s vital to get your people aligned with your brand story to help you win customers, grow repeat business and word of mouth marketing.

Relationships Matter

Relationships Matter

The EGGS Podcast with Ryan Roghaar and Michael Smith

This week on Eggs we have special guest Chris Wallace. We had an awesome conversation and learned a lot about developing meaningful relationships with clients and customers. Tune in and take a listen, lots to act on in here. 

Transferring Your Brand Strategy to Your Internal Teams

Minding Your Business Podcast with Ron Brooks

Chris Wallace (no not Biggie or with the Grizzlies lol) joins host Ron Brooks to discuss how InnerView got started, how they help businesses transfer their brand strategy to their customer facing employees and partners, and best practices just for you!

The Power of Brand Messaging

The Power of Brand Messaging

The Corporate Escapee Podcast (formerly Hardwired for Growth Podcast) with Brett Trainor

Branding is one of the first things that companies work on when they start to do business, and yet it is one of the last things that ever gets finalized within the organization.

From explaining to clients and customers what a company’s value is, to making sure that their positioning in the marketplace is well represented, branding accounts for a lot of a company’s ability to succeed.