Accelerate sales adoption in a measurable, reliable way.

InFront provides marketing and sales leaders key insights that drive smarter decisions and produce better results.

How InFront Works

There’s a gap between the story you want to tell and the one that’s being told.  InFront is a proprietary research tool that collects detailed feedback from sales teams and measures their adherence to the story and their level of adoption.

Find Misalignment

Pinpoint where and how your value proposition is getting lost in translation, across all your selling audiences.

Discover Your Advocates

Learn how many of your sales reps are fully “bought in” and how to create more like them.

Take Accelerated Action

The data highlights specific ways to increase sales team confidence and effectiveness when talking to customers.

The Missing Ingredient for Better Performance

InFront provides leadership teams with clear direction on how to better support their sales teams and set them up for success.

Align Your Team

Ensure teams are delivering the right message, consistently and confidently, across all touchpoints.

Uncover Obstacles

Identify where and why salespeople are struggling and what support they need to gain customer buy-in.

Create a Sense of Ownership

Listening builds trust, fosters a culture of collaboration, and strengthens salespeople's commitment to your plan.

Deliver a Better Experience

No one knows your customers better than your salespeople. InFront distills their input into an action plan for a best-in-class customer experience.

Listen Your Way to Better Sales Engagement

Not only does InFront help you provide a best-in-class customer experience, but by listening, you are also making your sales teams feel as important as they are; the tellers of your story, the executors of your company’s promise, the very voice of your brand. 

“I’m glad you’ve offered this platform because real change starts at the bottom, and I truly hope the powers-that-be will listen.
Thank you!” 

– Sales Representative, Home Improvement

Brands That Trust InFront

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