Unlock business intelligence
from your frontlines.

InFront gives you a fresh glimpse into your customer interactions. Our tailored research collects and analyzes the frontline perspective to gain clarity into how your products, services and brand are being received.

See how you can incorporate the voice of your frontlines into your go-to-market strategy with our guide to Frontline Insights.

Make smarter decisions and meet your goals faster.

InFront provides visibility into how your frontlines are delivering your message and where things might be getting lost in translation.

Unite and align teams

Empower everyone to deliver on your organization’s vision with renewed clarity, empathy, and understanding.

Guide smarter decision making

Gain the contextualized business intelligence you need to make quicker decisions, improve frontline support, and accelerate performance.

Measure progress

Track and compare key perception indicators over time.

Deliver a better customer experience

No one knows your customers better than frontline employees. Tap into what they know to improve the overall customer interaction.

“I’m glad you’ve offered this platform because real change starts at the bottom, and I truly hope the powers-that-be will listen.
Thank you!” 

– Sales Representative, Home Improvement

How InFront is different

InFront goes far beyond feedback. Using a proprietary  methodology, InFront collects and analyzes data centered on three key indicators developed using novel, data science-based calculations.


Measures alignment between leadership and frontlines on perceived customer priority as well as product/service performance.


What percentage of your frontlines are champions of your brand or key initiatives? We break down your frontline audiences into segments based on their likelihood to deliver a compelling experience.


Understand how your company compares within your industry, across all industries or against similar job functions.

Tap into the intelligence right in front of you

Not only does InFront help you provide a best-in-class customer experience, but by listening, you are also making your frontlines feel as important as they are; the tellers of your story, the executors of your company’s promise, the very voice of your brand. 

Brands that trust InFront

Ready to get InFront?

At Innerview, our experts are known for their experience working across all industries, organizations, and business lines. We would love to talk more about your organization’s vision and how InFront can help you reach your specific goals.

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