Customer Experience Programs

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Your Customer Experience is Your Brand Promise Brought to Life

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is more than a single question or score. It requires an internal culture that mirrors your external brand promise. We align internal customer experience programs with your brand. We involve employees in the process and include them in the CX vision so they “act the brand” when serving customers.

Customer Experience Challenges

“Our customer experience is not consistent.”
“Our customer experience needs to be what sets our brand apart.”
“We have rolled out customer experience programs before, but no one ever sticks to them.”
“Our customers like us, but we are leaving too many sales on the table.”

Customer Experience Services

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Internal Market Research

  • Custom Brand Transfer Score™ (BTS) on CX
  • Audit of all current processes and supporting materials
  • Focus Groups and Frontline Observations
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Messaging Strategy

  • Insights on internal perceptions of customer experience
  • Insights on customer experience vs. competition
  • Custom Messaging Roadmap and audience segmentation
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Campaign Development

  • Customer experience mapping and process design
  • Develop campaign creative (themes/branding, graphics, messaging) and tactic strategy
  • Produce all support tools and materials
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Internal Brand Activation

  • Campaign execution (materials distribution, event logistics and execution, frontline feedback)
  • CX leadership development
  • CX brand ambassadors/coaches (embedded change management support)

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