Measure Your Brand Messaging

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InnerView developed the Brand Transfer Score™ (BTS) to measure where and how much marketing messages are breaking down across your company. BTS allows our clients to understand the attitudes and perceptions of their customer-facing employees to determine if they are able to consistently tell the company’s brand story.

By leveraging proven market research principles, the study gives employees a voice in the marketing process.  The data helps marketers understand how to prevent their message from getting lost in translation.

Marketers can’t afford to have their customer-facing representatives be skeptical of their brand. It can result in a poor customer experience, low conversion, and missed revenue opportunities. That is why the Brand Transfer Study is the starting point for all of InnerView’s solutions. Having a baseline understanding of the internal attitudes and perceptions helps us build customized strategies and tools to improve how effectively and consistently your teams tell your brand story.

What's in a Score?

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Which channels are struggling the most to grasp your key marketing messages

What your customers are likely to hear now from one of your brand representatives

How aligned is your leadership team on the critical elements that make up your brand

How much confidence your front-line teams have in your products or your overall brand

Featured BTS Client

"The InnerView team made sure the messages we were developing for our re-brand would resonate with our sales team and retail partners. The BTS process helped us understand the strengths and weaknesses of our brand story in a clear and quantifiable way, giving us the confidence we needed to execute our strategy. Plus, their passion for what they do made the experience enjoyable. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to clearly define what makes their company or product special, and align your team internally around that story."

Terence Reilly - SVP of Sales & Marketing, Aganorsa Leaf