Brand Transfer Score Callout

Brand Transfer Score™

Most marketers and product managers will tell you that they know their brand messages are getting diluted on the path to the customer. They just can’t tell you to what degree.  There is now a means to measure that breakdown, The Brand Transfer Score™ (BTS). BTS uses consumer research methodologies with internal audiences to uncover their biases and perceptions. This allows us to measure where the message is breaking down and by how much.

Brand Transfer Score ExampleThe Brand Transfer Score is the starting point for all our solutions. The data helps us build customized strategies and tools to improve the internal belief in the brand story. The metric serves as a leading indicator of how well the story can be delivered to the customer. Once our initiatives have been implemented, we re-measure the BTS and compare the results to client revenue performance. For many of our clients, an increase in their BTS can mean millions of dollars in sales.