Take a Peek Inside the Brands

How does Chick-Fil-A get their employees to love their brand so much? Why does Southwest deliver a great customer experience and all their employees seem like they are having so much fun?

Those are the questions we will seek to answer in our new podcast, Brand InnerActions with Jon Gaul. Our team at Innerview is always trying to find out how the best brands get their employees to buy in to their story. This podcast will allow us to bring you on the journey as we explore the unique ways companies are building brand loyalty from the inside out. In our first episode, I join our host and InnerView Partner, Jon Gaul, to discuss our goals for the podcast series and what listeners can expect.

First, who is our audience? We hope to reach professionals across a wide range of roles and industries. Anyone who is curious about how brands gain that undefinable “edge” in the marketplace. People who believe that customers won’t love a brand until the employees do. Anyone who either works on the front lines of big brands or interacts with those teams regularly. These are the people who will enjoy our episodes.

Next, who will be our guests. The episodes will feature leaders who are responsible for building the brands. These are the architects of the brand or product strategy. They will come from marketing, brand and product management and customer experience roles. These professionals have the vision, but also have to make sure that vision gets executed every time an employee interacts with a customer. They need the brand promise to match the brand experience and we want to find out the innovative ways they make this happen. Our goal is to feature insights from a number of different industries from brands that are recognizable to most of the audience.

Finally, who is this Jon Gaul character? Jon is a Client Journey Director at InnerView and has worked with the leadership team for more than five years. More importantly, Jon is a world traveler, outdoor enthusiast, sports fan, marathoner, podcast fiend and overall renaissance man. He also happens to be one of the best professional facilitators you will encounter. Jon is the true embodiment of our team at InnerView, the “sage explorer”. We are thrilled that you will get to know Jon through these episodes.

We know there are a lot of podcasts out there, but none quite like Brand InnerActions. At a time when brands are struggling to tell a consistent and authentic story to their customers, we will highlight innovative ways companies are aligning their people to serve their customers. We truly believe the phrase that “everyone is in marketing” and this series will highlight the people and the ideas that are making that phrase a reality.

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