Introducing the Brand InnerActions Podcast

There is much more to a brand than just a series of commercials and digital banner ads. A brand is about the connections between a company and its customers. In this podcast, we’ll look at the moment of truth for brands – the customer conversation. We journey inside the minds of the brand architects to learn how companies are rethinking human-to-human interactions and mobilizing their employees to make sure the brand promise matches the brand experience.

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Episode 4: Why Brand Message Dilution Hurts in the Experience Economy with Zoe Dowling, Ph.D.

May 22, 2019
Jon Gaul
Zoe Dowling, Ph.D.

Episode Summary We are excited to be back with a true scholar of innovation, Zoe Dowling, Ph.D. Zoe recently co-authored the research study, Have Your Story Straight? – Why Brand Dilution Hurts in the Experience Economy, with our President, Chris Wallace. The study asked marketing, product and customer experience executives if their customers were hearing […]

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Episode 3: The Importance of Getting Your Marketing Message from the C-Suite to the Frontlines with Liz Vanzura

April 19, 2019
Jon Gaul
Liz Vanzura

Episode Summary We are excited to be back with another All-Star guest.  Episode 3 features a conversation with Liz Vanzura.   Liz is a passionate and award-winning leader in hospitality and lifestyle marketing and has served in both client-side as well as agency-side C-suite marketing roles.  Her storied career in the marketing field makes her the […]

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Episode 2: Putting the Customer at the Center of Everything We Do with Rob Simek

March 25, 2019
Jon Gaul
Rob Simek

Episode Summary We are thrilled to officially launch our podcast with a true innovator in the customer conversation space – Rob Simek.  Rob is the Executive Director of Customer Experience at Xfinity Mobile and has been an integral part of helping shape the customer experience at Comcast.  In his current role, Rob was able to […]

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Episode 1: "Everyone's in Marketing" with Chris Wallace

February 27, 2019
Jon Gaul
Chris Wallace, President of InnerView Group

Episode Summary In our debut episode, Jon sits down with the President and Co-Founder of InnerView, Chris Wallace.  We learn the motivation behind the name Brand InnerActions and the reason he feels so strongly that “Everyone is in Marketing” inside a company.  We discuss the how the internal perception of the brand can impact the […]

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