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Telling the Same Story is a Key Differentiator for Your Brand

Christopher Wallace, President, InnerView Group
The digital era we live in gives consumers a world of choices. That means brands are competing for business more than ever before. Unfortunately, too many struggle to share their message in a way that makes them stand out as the clear best choice. At the same time, consumers are looking for more personalized experiences — talk about a double whammy. In fact, experience is one of the major factors people take into consideration when deciding to make a purchase.
Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and Marketing Alignment Key to Telling a Consistent Story

Christopher Wallace, President, InnerView Group
A key component of internal brand alignment is having your sales and marketing teams speaking the same language and sharing the same goal.  Ultimately, marketing needs to step up and take responsibility for getting the message downstream and equipping salespeople to be storytellers, not merely encyclopedias This post originally appeared on the Marketo blog on August 6, 2019 Marketing and Sales Need to Rally Around a Single Story It seems that for decades, experts have been telling us to tear

What Daredevils Can Teach Us About Internal Marketing

Christopher Wallace, President, InnerView Group
Did you see the guy who jumped his mountain bike over two sections of the Tour de France a few weeks ago? Maybe you didn’t, but millions of people across the world watched him make death-defying leap. It made international news and got several hundred thousand views on YouTube. Stunts like this one get attention. The daredevil takes a situation that is relatively normal to us and they disrupt our pattern of thinking. They introduce a new and strange variable

Why Marketing Must Close the Gap Between Knowledge and Belief

Christopher Wallace, President, InnerView Group
A customer-facing employee who knows nothing about the product he or she is selling can be found out within minutes. An employee who doesn’t believe in the product can continue in the same mode for years — but not without cost. This dangerous status quo is surprisingly common. While companies are anxiously noticing that they’re failing to connect with customers, they find themselves repeating the same old processes. Marketing Has Moved Beyond Traditional Back in the day, a company’s training

Get to Know Your Audience for Internal Marketing: Inbound Sales

Christopher Wallace, President, InnerView Group
In a previous article, I talked about the benefits of internal marketing that connects your brand with all of your internal audiences. It’s not enough to focus on the customer alone. Without getting internal teams to participate in the brand, the gap between the story marketing intends to tell and the story customers hear from front-line employees grows. This affects your bottom line on sales, conversions, customer satisfaction, and more. That’s why marketers must make the effort to understand internal

Got Your Story Straight? When Marketing is Telling a Different Story from the Rest of the Company

Christopher Wallace, President, InnerView Group
As Marketers, we spend weeks, months, years perfecting our company story and its messaging. We spend countless hours with our creative teams bringing that message to life through our website, advertising, content, tradeshows, emails, etc. We are on the hook for attracting new customers, getting them engaged and then of course, we want that to turn into revenue. But what happens when all of the messaging that we have orchestrated to attract and engage an audience is not what they