Watch our Webinar: Have Your Story Straight? Why Brand Message Dilution Hurts In The Experience Economy

Brands are spending more than $200 Billion on marketing and advertising annually, yet the advertisements customers see are only part of their experience with a brand. The true faces of the brand are the people who represent the company – the front-line employee and partners who interact with customers every day. This leads to the question: are Marketing and front-line employees telling the same story? And if not, what is the business impact of misalignment? These are the questions that InnerView and FocusVision set out to answer in freshly-released research talking to 250 senior business professionals in Marketing, Customer Experience, and Product. Join Chris Wallace, President of InnerView and Zoe Dowling, SVP Research at FocusVision, as they discuss the findings.

Watch the webinar by clicking here.

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