We Are Brand Champions

InnerView is a marketing consulting firm established to help companies reach and influence their most critical audiences – the people and partners that represent their brand.

But why? Why didn’t we create a branding or advertising agency? Why are we focused on marketing to the internal audiences rather than tapping into the billions of dollars spent on external marketing?

While we love the stories behind the brands, we don’t see those stories trickling down to employees. We have seen too many brands spending a fortune on marketing to their customers, but forgetting to get their own people on board with the story. The story is getting diluted as soon as it leaves the marketing department. We see too many front-line representatives who lack true “belief” in the products and services they represent, and we’ve made it our mission to close that gap.

Our team draws on our collective experience in sales, marketing, operations, and training to align marketers with their customer-facing representatives.  We are thinkers who embrace measurement and data over guesses. We are explorers who are eager to immerse ourselves in the unique environment within each client company. Everyone at InnerView Group is incredibly passionate about seeing the magic that happens when employees have beliefconfidence and pride in the brand they represent.

Leadership Team
Chris Wallace Co-Founder, President
As Founder and President of InnerView, Chris builds upon previous success as the founder and CEO of Incite, a sales consulting and coaching practice, and his more than 15 years of sales, marketing and corporate leadership. There is one single reason why Chris became and continues to be an entrepr... Read More
Chris Wallace of InnerView Group
Diana Finley Co-Founder, Client Journey Leader
Diana brings more than 17 years of sales and marketing experience in a variety of consumer-facing products and brands. Her background ranges from running junior golf events throughout North America to selling carriage of major cable networks to cable and satellite operators across the country. She b... Read More
Diana Finley of InnerView Group
Derek Wallace Co-Founder, Leader of Partnership Development
If Derek is working on something, he develops a genuine and very obvious passion for it. His perspective comes as a result of leading sales innovation projects for a team across North America as well as overseeing digital marketing for a $3+ billion consumer brand. As a leader in both sales and mark... Read More
Derek Wallace of InnerView Group
Aaron Soffer Partner, Director of Client Journey
Aaron has over 17 years of experience in sales, management, marketing, and coaching. He has designed and implemented numerous sales enablement programs for various Fortune 500 companies as well as consulted on sales processes and operations in a variety of industries. In previous roles he has direct... Read More
Aaron Soffer of InnerView Group
Jon Gaul Partner, Director of Client Journey
Jon has over 10 years of sales and consulting experience within the financial and telecommunications industries. Jon started his career selling retirement products before transitioning into management. Prior to joining InnerView, Jon consulted with Fortune 500 companies focusing on developing leader... Read More
Jon Gaul of InnerView Group
Todd Blake Partner, Director of Client Journey
As a Director of Client Journey, Todd has nearly 16 years of experience managing and developing projects within the sales and marketing terrain. He cut his teeth in the formidable environment of Talent and Television development in the entertainment industry and carried a bag through the trenches fo... Read More
Todd Blake of InnerView Group
Jane Bulman brings forty years of telecommunications, marketing and customer engagement experience to The InnerView Group's Advisory Board. This includes 28 years with Comcast, the nation's largest cable and telecommunications company. As Vice President of Telesales for Comcast, Jane developed an... Read More
Jane Bulman
John Burke is a senior operating executive with a 25+ year track record of delivering profitable growth in global technology businesses. John has extensive experience in strategy, business restructuring and transformation, acquisition integrations, and talent development. John is an active invest... Read More
Neil is an entrepreneur and seasoned operating executive. His experiences range from senior executive in a Fortune 50 Corporation to founding and working with multiple firms in the media, consulting and venture capital businesses. He has had several successful exits from companies he has founded. ... Read More
Liz Vanzura is a passionate & award-winning leader in hospitality and lifestyle marketing and has served in both client-side as well as agency-side C-suite marketing roles.  Currently Liz is developing a new concept for a leading Burmese restaurant chain and catering operation (Rangoon Ruby) to... Read More
Ned Miller Strategic Advisor, Banking and Financial Services
Ned Miller is a Senior Advisor with MZ Bierly Consulting and the founder of Third Act Sales Consulting, which provides individual and group coaching to bank sales leaders on assessing and developing their teams to improve sales performance. He works with Executive Management, line of business heads... Read More