Brand Alignment from the Inside, Out.

You spend heavily to influence your customers… but what about the people who talk to your customers?

Brand Message Dilution Costs Companies Like Yours $10MM+ Per Year     

Learn What This Means for Your Brand     

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How Consistent is Your Brand Message?

Most marketers have a problem with brand message dilution.  Problem is, no one knows how to measure it.  We created the Brand Transfer ScoreTM to pinpoint where and how much the brand story is breaking down.  Using our data, you can improve message consistency with your front-line teams. This ensures the brand promise matches the customer experience.


We engage your internal audiences the way you want them to engage your customers. This builds a culture of belief, ownership, and accountability around your strategies that result in:

  • Greater revenue sooner from accelerating sales adoption of key messages
  • Customer experience consistency – across all channels
  • Improved customer conversion, retention, and brand loyalty