Todd Blake

Todd Blake

Partner, Director of Client Journey

As a Director of Client Journey, Todd has nearly 16 years of experience managing and developing projects within the sales and marketing terrain. He cut his teeth in the formidable environment of Talent and Television development in the entertainment industry and carried a bag through the trenches for a global innovator in the Payroll and Human Resource Solutions industry.

Also known as “The Salt,” Todd’s vitality and capabilities provide both the strong foundational elements that ground his work, along with providing the punch of flavor that enhances all others around him. As the primary contact for the client, he ensures that each aspect of InnerView’s solution is developed and delivered effectively. Todd thrives in this capacity, bringing an ability to connect and drive thought in any environment he is placed.

Todd puts his B.S. in Marketing from Syracuse University to good use, often when recalling the full character names from the movies and television shows of his youth. When he’s not standing in front of a client, he’s most likely in front of a cutting board or traveling to another city to embark on a culinary adventure. He and his wife Meghan have set up camp in Chicago with their baby son and Australian Shephard.

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