Supply House Times: To help your next-gen product launch succeed, start by selling internally

Manufacturers need their value chains to flow smoothly — not only in terms of operations but also in terms of brand messages. In an industry where commoditization is the norm, products and brands won’t stand out if they aren’t attached to a differentiated story.

This is important for a few reasons. Distributors are continually adding to their already packed product portfolios, making it even more challenging to stand out as the go-to product. But manufacturers are increasingly focusing on their brands to avoid falling into this commoditization trap. The more effectively their value chain partners can explain and show how they’re better and unique, the better it is for the entire manufacturing ecosystem.

How do they do this? Experience. Brands are more focused than ever on delivering an excellent customer experience to every link in the sales chain. They know that if the experience isn’t delivered well at any stage (whether that’s with an employee or a partner), then it reflects on their image — and not in a positive way.

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