Total Retail: 4 Internal Branding Strategies You Should Borrow From Williams-Sonoma and Wayfair

Within the past year, brands like Williams-Sonoma and Wayfair’s Perigold have introduced access to in-house design experts and 24/7 design concierges for customers who want to furnish their homes. According to a 2018 report from Alliance Data, 43 percent of Millennials and Baby Boomers now expect retailers to offer these conveniences. As a result, more companies are using new technological advances to help customers with home design while layering in more human connections across channels to provide a seamless experience.

Both Wayfair and Williams-Sonoma are transforming front-line roles, turning them into an extension of their marketing departments. This trend reflects a shift in the role of the front-line employee from customer service functionary to a true brand representative. Read the full article here.

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