Derek Wallace

Derek Wallace

Co-Founder, Leader of Partnership Development

If Derek is working on something, he develops a genuine and very obvious passion for it. His perspective comes as a result of leading sales innovation projects for a team across North America as well as overseeing digital marketing for a $3+ billion consumer brand. As a leader in both sales and marketing organizations, Derek has been a catalyst for creativity, excitement, and innovative action.

There are two reasons why Derek was motivated to be a part of launching InnerView Group. First, he believes that organizations will find greater productivity when they invest in their people.  Second, Derek is committed to spending the rest of his career working with a team that he respects and admires. At the InnerView Group, he is proud of the fact that he looks up to all of his teammates.

As the Partnership Development Leader, Derek spends his days talking to marketing leaders to understand their products, programs, campaigns, and initiatives. He learns about the inspiration and thought process, the vision for success, and tries to figure out if there are ways to increase the speed between launch and realizing full dollar generating potential. These marketing leaders become clients when everybody realizes that the InnerView Group can play an important role in making all of this happen faster.

Derek splits time living in New Hampshire and the Boston Logan International Airport.  He, wife Jennifer, and son Henry spend their free time experiencing the world through travel and food adventures.  Name a town, and Derek is likely to be able to give you a solid recommendation for good eats.


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