Our Solutions

Aligning the Boardroom and the Showroom

InnerView is brought in to help its clients maximize go-to-market success in a number of scenarios, including:
  • New Product Launches or Re-launches
  • Rebranding
  • Campaign/Promotion Launch
  • Customer Experience Initiatives
  • Performance Challenges
Depending upon the needs of each client – the timing, the channels they need to engage, their goals – we will determine which of the following solutions is the right fit:

Millions of dollars are spent on go-to-market strategies, but many fail due to poor adoption within organizations. The InnerView approach will mobilize your customer-facing teams to support new marketing initiatives or shifts in strategy:

  • Identify/define all Brand Representatives involved
  • Measure BRs’ attitudes and perceptions toward initiative
  • Build internal campaigns designed to influence the customer interaction
  • Measure message alignment on an ongoing basis

InnerView builds a bridge between marketing and sales to ensure that the right messages are getting effectively transferred internally so they can be delivered consistently to the customer:

  • Measure alignment of messages between marketing and sales
  • Design messaging strategy to improve Brand Representatives’ ability to deliver on the brand promise
  • Establish feedback loop between front lines and marketing

They might not be employees, but distribution partners are still the face of your brand. InnerView will ensure your partners can deliver on your brand promise in every customer conversation:

  • Measure partner perception of your brand and initiatives
  • Design messaging strategies to capture mindshare and drive consistent delivery of key messages
  • Provide ongoing reinforcement through visits, virtual support, etc.
  • Measure message alignment on an ongoing basis