InnerView’s engagement process is designed to help our clients get the right messages to the right audiences.  We develop these internal marketing campaigns by focusing on three specific areas:

Message Alignment

What should your support material and content say?  Will the intended audience embrace the messages?  We start answering those questions through measurement, with our Brand Transfer Study.  Using that data, we craft a messaging strategy tailored to each audience and the unique way they interact with customers.  The alignment process will improve the inputs you are delivering to your Brand Representatives.

Message Curation

Does your team need one-sheets, product guides, pitch decks?  Where will that content live and how will it get distributed?  We improve the delivery of your messages by making sure your Brand Representatives have easy access to the right tools to tell the story.

Message Execution

Will the people talking to your customers say what you want?  We can improve the adoption of the messages by getting in the field with your team and building their confidence in the story.   Our tactics to drive buy-in from Brand Representatives can include Brand Alignment Workshops, kickoff or launch events, and dealer/partner certification programs.