The Kim Barrett Show Podcacst: Creating A Consistent Customer Experience Through Internal Brand Alignment

Would you say your team is working together effectively? Perhaps there’s a disconnect between management and your frontline teams? If this sounds familiar to you, then this is the podcast episode for you.

Chris Wallace sits down with host, Kim Barrett, to talk about how you can get everyone in your organization aligned around your brand promise to ensure that every connection your customers have with your brand is consistent.

Watch the full episode here or listen here.

What Kim and Chris discussed in this episode:

The disconnect between the top management and frontlines [02:10]

The first indicators when proper communications isn’t happening [03:42]

Misalignment comes out during execution [07:03]

The importance of instilling the mission, vision, and values [08:42]

Indoctrinating new employees [11:39]

Changes brought in by the virtual work set-up [15:42]

Maintaining good practices [18:31]

Why do companies struggle in executing their strategies? [22:43]

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