Integrate & Ignite Podcast: Internal Brand Alignment

If brands want to gain momentum around their marketing initiatives they must first ask themselves if they have confidence in the story their asking their frontline teams to tell.

Is your brand aligned internally AND externally? Chris and host, Lori Jones, take a deep dive into how brands get misaligned and how you can combat the disconnect on this episode of the Integrate & Ignite Marketing Podcast. Listen in and hear Chris’s recommendations for finding the breakdown with the Brand Transfer Score so you can get back into a state of alignment and engagement.

Tune in to the entire episode of the Integrate & Ignite Podcast here:


  • Where some companies get misaligned with their internal teams when it comes to the brand.
  • Why inside sales and outside sales messaging is different.
  • What is the brand transfer score?
  • Why frontline teams often ignore new brand messaging.
  • How do you get people to experience our brand story, not just tell them?
  • How to immerse your internal team in what it means to deliver your brand’s value proposition.

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