The How to Do Marketing Show: How to inspire your team to help amplify your marketing

If you were to ask any member of your team what your brand stood for, or who your perfect customer is or even what makes your business truly different to your competitors, would they know the answer? And more importantly, if you were to go and ask several of your team these same questions, would you get a consistent answer?

Ensuring that your team both knows and understands and is also really passionate about your business is one really cost-effective way to help create a solid and successful brand.

If you are investing into marketing to external stakeholders and customers, it makes complete sense to market to your internal team.

In this episode of The How to Do Marketing Show host, Jane Hillsdon, sits down with Chris Wallace, a marketing consultant who specializes in helping businesses communicate their brand story to their most important customer: their teams!

Listen to their full exchange here.

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