The CX Leader Podcast: Meeting Expectations

It’s important for those leading a company’s CX efforts to make certain the customer experience delivered by your front-line employees matches the customer’s expectations. And that means your employees need to understand your brand and the expectations it promises. The CX Leader Podcast host, Steve Walker, welcomes Chris Wallace, co-founder and president of the InnerView Group, for a discussion on how to ensure your front-line employees deliver the experience promised by your brand.

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“One litmus test that I use is I look at a brand’s tagline, right. And if I’m talking to somebody from that organization, I’ll ask them, what is your tagline? Do your people know what it means? And so many of them are so generic and an agency made a lot of money to come up with that tagline. But does it really stand for something? Do your people know how to behave in a way that’s consistent with what that tagline promises? … The tagline is an interesting way to kind of get a glimpse into how serious a brand is about backing up their their brand with a great customer experience, a consistent customer experience.”


“One thing we always ask is, to increase your confidence in this offering, what are the tools and materials that would increase your ability to have a confident conversation? … How do they want to consume information? And we heard from one client of ours that the front line team, so the sales teams kept saying, no webinars, please, no webinars. We’re sales reps. We’re supposed to be about seeing people. This is pre-COVID, obviously, but we’re supposed to be out seeing our customers. Please give us something new, like give us something fresh here. So we created a podcast series with their leadership team.”



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