The Customer Experience Podcast: Marketing To Your Employees, Not Just Your Customers

Learn how Sales, Marketing and Customer Success leaders create internal alignment, achieve desired outcomes, and exceed customer expectations in a personal and human way.

In this episode of The Customer Experience Podcast, our Co-Founder and President, Chris Wallace, sits down with host, Ethan Beute, about marketing and branding to employees, not just customers.

We always talk about brand as a collection of promises that a company is making to its customers. At the end of the day, brand really comes down to the essence of a company.

However, if the people spending the money on the advertising do not have a strong bond with the people delivering that customer experience — the ones facing the customers — you have a catastrophic breakdown between promise and delivery.

Employee experience is customer experience if employees believe in the brand they are hired to represent.

A few of the takeaways:

– Build employee satisfaction to drive customer satisfaction — an upward spiral

– Avoid brand dilution by closing the gap between your brand promise and your customer experience

– Infuse your team with a sense of pride and purpose in their work and in your company

– Techniques & strategies for improving employee experience

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