Marketing with Empathy Podcast: Selling Your Brand Story Through Your Employees

How are you tapping into your customer-facing frontline employees and partners right now? Do you think about your internal audience as part of your brand storytelling work?  Do you think about how your internal brand folks influence your external audience? How they can help build better connections and better results with your audience?

Chris Wallace answer’s these questions posed by Marketing with Empathy Podcast host, Sarah Panus. Topics discussed during this podcast episode include:

  1. What does empathy have to do with internal branding work between Marketing and Sales teams?
  2. How does InnerView’s Brand Transfer Score work, and what insights does it measure?
  3. Why are companies struggling to reach their employees and tell a consistent brand story?
  4. InnerView’s research findings that nearly two-thirds of marketers AND employees don’t feel confident in the employees ability to tell their brand story accurately and consistently.
  5. Ways brands can better tap into their employees and partners to drive business results
  6. Chris shares a major growth moment he had in his career that involved betting against himself.

Listen to the full episode here: Ep 35- SELLING YOUR BRAND STORY THROUGH YOUR EMPLOYEES – CHRIS WALLACE, INNERVIEW – Kindred Speak Blog

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