Marketing On Purpose Podcast: “Belief, Confidence and Pride” & The Brand Transfer Score

With the evolving digital market space, it is vital for marketers to employ storytelling that displays consistency and considers a consumer-driven brand experience. Christopher Wallace, President, and Co-Founder of InnerView provides an in-depth explanation on developing a brand champion through an omnichannel approach on the latest episode of the Marketing on Purpose Podcast, brought to you by the RBD.Agency.

With 20 years of experience in brand marketing and consumer experience, Christopher and his team at InnerView have developed the proprietary “Brand Transfer Score” to help marketers gain detailed insights on their brand message and how it reflects on their employees’ collaboration. InnerView, the marketing consulting firm has a global reach and aims to drive better sales conversion and enhance user retention.

Listen here: ‎Marketing On Purpose: Christopher Wallace – “Belief, Confidence and Pride” – The Brand Transfer Score on Apple Podcasts

Timestamps below:

1:25  – Insights in university life during COVID-19

3:24 – InnerView Group Team & Branding Process

8:32 – What is the Brand Transfer Score?

9:47 – InnerView’s Consumer-driven brand experience

11:08 – Brand dilution and brand champions

12:50 – Brand storytelling & consistency; a Marketing Consultant’s take

15:51 – Shifts in buying decision & sales trajectory during COVID-19

18:08 – How leadership can drive e-commerce trends through an omnichannel vision.

Read the full blog post here: The impact of storytelling across touch points with Christopher Wallace – RDB Agency

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