A Well-Designed Business® Podcast: Leverage Industry Partners to Improve Your Client Experience

Tune in this Power Talk Friday episode of A Well-Designed Business podcast to listen to President, Chris Wallace, and host, LuAnn Nigara discuss customer experience in the design world and how major CX trends will impact small business owners and affluent buyers. Chris truly believes in providing value to your clients by meeting their needs and making their lives better, and getting all of your industry partners on board with that idea, or finding partners that already are.

Listen in to hear what Chris has to say about leveraging those industry partnerships to do that, so that the customer experience is a focus at every single level.

Show Highlights:

  • Chris’s passion is to get the entire value-chain, or industry, focused on the end user, which is the customer.
  • Chris illustrates his perspective with a story around his brother and sister-in-law.
  • There are two approaches to sales and marketing: the “old” product-focused way, and the  “21st Century Sales and Marketing” way, which goes beyond the product you offer and focuses on providing value to your clients by meeting their needs and making their lives better.
  • Chris addresses how designers benefit from asking for this better way of marketing from their brands.
  • Chris shares his philosophy on belief, confidence, and pride.
  • “21st Century Sales and Marketing” is about making your client’s life be easier, it’s about helping them be more successful, and it’s about understanding their needs.
  • Designers should communicate what their needs are by documenting what they’re wanting to deliver to the customer, and helping to educate their industry partners on how they can help with this process.
  • Ask for the things that are going to help make you successful!
  • Chris’s strategies on assessing the industry partners you’re doing business with.
  • Chris shares his thoughts and tips on virtual consultations, how augmented reality can be leveraged to drive better design, and other fascinating tools of the trade.
  • Old-school isn’t cutting it anymore because you can’t meet the modern customer’s needs.
  • Exciting Windows is one of LuAnn’s forward-thinking vendors.

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