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66% of marketers feel their messages are diluted by the time they get to the customer

There is a common blind spot amongst B2C companies that have complex go-to-market systems. Marketers (and their agencies) are carefully crafting messages that are based on customer research – surveys, focus groups, message testing. The company knows what is important to the buyer and Marketing can control this message when it’s delivered externally through advertising.

Based on our research, Marketers in these companies admit that their message is losing steam as it moves through the internal audiences. With each stop along the way, much like an instance of “whisper down the lane”, messages and value get diluted.

The result is customers don’t get to hear a story that is consistent with the story the advertising is telling. There is demand, but the poor delivery of the story is preventing sales from converting.


Disconnect between corporate branding messages, brand representatives, and the buyers.