Helping Companies “Win from Within”


InnerView is a marketing consulting firm established to help companies reach and influence their most critical audiences – the people and partners that represent their brand.

But why? Why didn’t we create a branding or advertising agency? Why are we focused on marketing to the internal audiences rather than tapping into the billions of dollars spent on external marketing?

Because we have seen what happens when companies invest heavily to tell their brand story to customers, but that same story isn’t repeated consistently when customers show up to buy. It leads InnerView Group Missions Statementto dissatisfied customers, frustrated employees and leaves the corporate team wondering why they fell short of performance expectations.

We started InnerView to help companies ensure that the people who are talking to their customers have a sense of belief, confidence and pride in the promises they’re making. We’re experts on the marketing message journey. We know intimately how messages need to move from the corporate marketing team down through the organization toward the customer. We measure whether those messages are being adopted internally and find the places where they might be breaking down.

If a company is struggling to transfer its brand messages, we don’t build scripts and force people to recite them. We build internal campaigns that create authentic belief. That belief leads to brand representatives telling a more compelling and consistent story to the customer. While we will talk about things like “branding” and “messaging”, we are not the people who create the marketing strategy. We work with the marketing team and brand architects to ensure that their messages reach the customer effectively. We call this “Brand Transfer” and it is designed to increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts…from the inside, out.

Meet the InnerView Leadership Team.