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Get to Know Your Audience for Internal Marketing: Inbound Sales

Christopher Wallace, President, InnerView Group
In a previous article, I talked about the benefits of internal marketing that connects your brand with all of your internal audiences. It’s not enough to focus on the customer alone. Without getting internal teams to participate in the brand, the gap between the story marketing intends to tell and the story customers hear from front-line employees grows. This affects your bottom line on sales, conversions, customer satisfaction, and more. That’s why marketers must make the effort to understand internal

Got Your Story Straight? When Marketing is Telling a Different Story from the Rest of the Company

Christopher Wallace, President, InnerView Group
As Marketers, we spend weeks, months, years perfecting our company story and its messaging. We spend countless hours with our creative teams bringing that message to life through our website, advertising, content, tradeshows, emails, etc. We are on the hook for attracting new customers, getting them engaged and then of course, we want that to turn into revenue. But what happens when all of the messaging that we have orchestrated to attract and engage an audience is not what they

Effective Internal Marketing: It Starts with Knowing Your Audience

Christopher Wallace, President, InnerView Group
Marketers like to beat the drum of message clarity and consistency, but too often the word doesn’t get through. Our own research shows that 66 percent of marketing executives believe their brand message is lost by the time it reaches customers. And when customers don’t get your narrative, they’re not likely to buy into your value proposition. The problem is that marketing strategies tend to be myopic – that is, too focused on external audiences. Of course, marketers do communicate

The Invisible Tax on Your Marketing Investments

Christopher Wallace, President, InnerView Group
The job of a marketing department is to produce results. Despite the fact that their budgets are growing, marketers are losing confidence. They are concerned about their ability to “penetrate” their markets and deliver on expectations. Our team at InnerView recently partnered with FocusVision to study some specific challenges marketers face. FocusVision, a leading customer insights technology company, helps companies understand their customers through research and tie the findings back to their brand/product messaging. At InnerView, we work with front-line

Marketers Sell Empathy, but Can They Teach It?

Christopher Wallace, President, InnerView Group
Marketing is empathy on a mass scale. Marketing works when you feel like the brand or the product is speaking directly to you. They “understand” you and your needs. Everyone wants to be understood for who they are. This is how Brands are able weave themselves into your lifestyle – your daily routine, your own sense of self. We are surrounded by these “empathetic messages” – on television, radio, billboards, digital ads, social media, train platforms…everywhere! A company that does
Pour Some Corn Syrup On Me – Breaking Down Bud Light’s Backfire

Pour Some Corn Syrup on Me – Breaking Down Bud Light’s Backfire

Christopher Wallace, President, InnerView Group
I’ve written in the past about companies that make “bold brand moves” – taking a position in the marketplace that is going to drive strong reaction. My team at InnerView always wonders how companies are communicating expectations to frontline employees about the role they play in supporting the brand position. The folks at Bud Light give us our latest example, with their “beer ingredients” campaign. If you have not seen them yet, you must ONLY watch Netflix because they are