Brand Messaging & Marketing Services

Here’s the problem…

Marketers are carefully crafting their brand messages based on what they know about their customer through research and building compelling campaigns to reach those buyers. Yet somehow, they can’t seem to get people within their own company “on message” when it comes to the brand story. Much like a game of “whisper down the lane”, these messages get diluted and marketers lose control of their brand.

The result is customers are receiving mixed messages from the same brand. There is demand, but the poor delivery of the story is preventing sales from converting.  The dilution of the brand message acts like an invisible tax that drags down the effectiveness of the marketing investments and the company’s bottom line.

Training alone isn’t enough.  More support is needed to get front-line reps to tell the brand story confidently and consistently when talking to the customer.  Our mission is to close this gap and help marketers unlock the hidden potential of their brand.

Go-to-Market Strategies

Internal Go-to-Market Strategy​

InnerView will develop internal campaigns to activate front-line teams in support of major marketing initiatives and shifts in strategy.​

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Marketing-to-Sales Alignment

InnerView builds a bridge between marketing and sales to ensure brand messages are aligned, transferred effectively to internal audiences and delivered consistently to the customer

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Dealer/Partner/Channel Support

Your partners might not be employees, but they are still the face of your brand. InnerView ensures your distribution partners can deliver on your brand promise in every customer conversation

Our solutions are designed to help companies maximize go-to-market success in a number of scenarios, including:

Product & Service Launches


Campaign & Promotion Launches

Customer Experience Initiatives

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our Capabilities

Conduct Internal Research

You already measure what your customers think about you.  We measure what your brand representatives – the employees and partners who talk to your customers – think about you:  Our approach is a blend of quantitative and qualitative:

  • Brand Transfer Score (TM)
  • Internal Focus Groups
  • Live Observations & Reporting

Customize the Message

Customers and employees are different audiences with different biases and agendas.  You can’t talk to them in exactly the same way.  We take the data from the internal research and turn your brand story into relevant messages and actions that fit into the daily routines of each customer-facing role:

  • Messaging Alignment Roadmap
  • Key Themes & Internal Branding

Develop Cutting-Edge Content

You can’t train people to be passionate about your brand.  They need to believe it for themselves.  That is why we run internal marketing campaigns designed to influence and shape perceptions, not force people into compliance.  Our campaign tactics include:

  • Conversation Guides
  • Toolkits
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning Modules
  • Microsites
  • These are only a few, we find the best tactics for your brand

Activate Your Front Lines

Content is not enough.  We get in the trenches with your team to help them experience your brand story in new ways.  Their experience will shape their beliefs.  Their beliefs will drive the right actions.  The actions produce results.  We execute:

  • Conversation Guides
  • Toolkits
  • Launch/Kickoff Events
  • Peer-to-Peer Huddles
  • Leadership Alignment Sessions
  • Leadership Development
  • Workshops & Coaching