Introducing the Brand InnerActions Podcast

There is much more to a brand than just a series of commercials and digital banner ads. A brand is about the connections between a company and its customers. In this podcast, we’ll look at the moment of truth for brands – the customer conversation. We journey inside the minds of the brand architects to learn how companies are rethinking human-to-human interactions and mobilizing their employees to make sure the brand promise matches the brand experience.

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Episode 1: "Everyone's in Marketing" with Chris Wallace

February 27, 2019
Jon Gaul
Chris Wallace, President of InnerView Group

Episode Summary In our debut episode, Jon sits down with the President and Co-Founder of InnerView, Chris Wallace.  We learn the motivation behind the name Brand InnerActions and the reason he feels so strongly that “Everyone is in Marketing” inside a company.  We discuss the how the internal perception of the brand can impact the […]

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